In simple terms, the objective of a consultative strategy was to introduce this previously domestic-market focused product into the international marketplace by developing strong, productive and on-going partnerships with leading retail, wholesale and direct-sell tour operators specializing in travel to Australia from Continental Europe.

Organisations were targeted because of their adventure market orientation, mangeable networks of retail offices in terms of establishing and conducting a meaningful training regime and in the belief that they would be receptive to including new regional specialist product with distrinctive operational points-of-difference, alongside, not in replacement, of existing national tour operators.

The recommended business strategy of seeking to penetrate the German-speaking Central Europe market was a bold move as it coincided with a decision by Wayoutback to de-emphasise a higher volume, mor operationally intensive and lower yielding domestic-market youth brand.

The very positive outcome is that Wayoutback successfully established an international market presence; received support from ITOs, international wholesalers, direct-sellers, youth, adventure and online specialists and also experienced an increase in direct and repeat business for both scheduled tours as well as private charter.

Wayoutback now carries more German-speaking travelers than from any other international region; less people in overall terms, but higher average loads with resultant less impact on the environment and made greater profits, which can obviously be regarded as a win-win outcome.

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