Karisma sought and secured the engagement of a major German broadcasting organisation, SWR3, plus the important sponsorship of Qantas in the form of providing 80 complimentary seats from Frankfurt to Darwin and return, for a major consumer-facing campaign.

We convinced SWR3 about the potential of Australia's Outback Northern Territory as a destination of equal or greater consumer interest following their success of applying the Elch und Weg promotional concept to Thailand and South Africa in preceding years.

The campaign, launched in September 2005 after a 6-month long period of preparation and featuring Morning Show presenters Michael Wirbitzky and Sascha Zeus, was multi-layered and integrated with many complimentary PR and trade partner elements designed to increase the overall "share of voice" and ultimately, the generation of sales.

The results of the campaign were outstanding! Publicity included over 400 minutes of on-air broadcasting of recorded interviews and editorial coverage plus the publication of more than 800 Northern Territory images on the SWR3 website. Two separate feature stories were published in the SWR3 magazin and a 30-minute television feature had an estimated audience of 100,000.

Consumer responses to the Elch und Weg nach Australien campaign were more than double that recorded by SWR3 for their previous destination-focused promotions. Up to 10,000 people per day over a 5-week period responded to various communication channels including online, on-air, print and television plus more than 4,000 outdoor poster sites promoting the competition and the opportunity to win one of the 80 trips to the NT.

Trade partners DERTOUR, Boomerang Reisen, Berge & Meer and STA Travel all reported double-digit growth in NT sales in the 6-month period immediately following the campaign.

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