Karisma has developed a very productive relationship with Panasonic in Germany that commenced in 2008 and has resulted in three subsequent marketing activities.

After the instigation by Karisma of a media familiarisation to the NT by a group of selected German photo-journalists, Panasonic launched a new camera in the Lumix series that featured the NT on the packaging in return for the provision of a trip to the NT. Tourism NT was later invited and agreed to sponsor the Panasonic Lumix Still photography awards, which attracted approximately 40,000 consumer entries and culminated at a ceremony at Photokina, the largest European consumer photographic exhibition, staged each year in Cologne. Panasonic showcased the NT affiliation, along with a mutual one with National Geographic, via a photo exhibition on their 3,500 sqm stand at the exhibition.

The third and most recent association with Panasonic was a highly visible 3-month long campaign to promote a new generation of camera with a built-in GPS feature. Imagery of Uluru appeared in all Panasonic launch communications including outdoor media, consumer travel, lifestyle and phootographic magazines and a micro-site with a link to australiasoutback.de. Tourism NT sponsored a trip to Australia's Outback for two people as part of an online competition run by Panasonic. The result of this relatively simple activity and low investment were remarkable. Panasonic reported more than 25,000 unique users for the onlien competition and more than 27 million contacts. The outdoor and special interest magazine advertising reached 140 million contacts.

Allied to this partnership we facilitated the development of a NT photographic safari journey product with GeBeCo, a German specialist wholesaler. This was a niche market tour with Alice Springs-based Wayoutback Desert Safaris featuring the involvement of a well-known Australian landscape photographer. A flyer was produced for distribution to consumers through the GeBeCo network of agents (approx. 10,000 in Germany) as well as Panasonic retail outlets.

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