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National Geographic Traveler

Engagement with National Geographic followed the announcement of the Northern Territory as being selected by National Geographic Traveler as one of its 21 Best Trips of the World in 2014 list and the inclusion of the Larapinta Trail and Kakadu in National Geographic 100 Secret Journeys Gold Book. The connection with National Geographic added credibility, enhancing the reputation of the Northern Territory as a destination of cultural and natural significance on a world-scale.

Land Rover Experience Tour

The Land Rover Experience Tour is a proven marketing and media, PR created concept. Over an 18-month period, Land Rover generated more than 100,000 registrations for 2,800 test-drives of the latest model Land Rover Discovery in qualification camps throughout Germany. This led to 6 finalists accompanied by more than fifty invited international media representatives, driving in remote, natural, challenging and culturally significant terrain in Australia’s Outback Northern Territory in three rotational stages over a period of 21-days. It was a controlled adventure!

Dinner for Ten

A major consumer promotion called 'Dinner for Ten' in Germany that offered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone to take nine of their friends to experience dinner under the stars in Australia's Outback.

Qantas Walkabout Pass

Qantas Airways, regarded as the Australian national airline, is the major provider of Australian domestic air services to and within the NT. In conjunction with its affiliated international airline partner Emirates and one-world associates, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines, Qantas offers a Walkabout Pass that allows passengers booking an international return ticket to Australia to pre-purchase Australian domestic Qantas sectors at a substantially reduced value to that which would be the case if purchased in Australia after arrival in the country.

GEO-Saison-branded print supplement

The centrepiece of the major consumer-focused campaign in late 2014 and early 2015 was the production and distribution of 550,000 copies of a 32-page Australia’s Outback Northern Territory titled GEO Saison-branded supplement in a December 2014 issue of STERN (240,000 subscribers) and the January, 2015 editions of GEO Saison and GEO (160,000 subscribers).

Tactical Youth Campaign

One of the most successful campaigns undertaken in terms of measurable booking results, addressing the issues of market-share, strategic partnership building and the gathering of invaluable market intelligence by way of booking data.

Dein Outback

A four-week digital and outdoor consumer campaign in Germany titled, Dein Outback (Your Outback) that attracted a high level of engagement.

Discover Australia

Karisma bid on behalf of Tourism NT and competitively won the right to host Discover Australia, a major Tourism Australia trade familiarization exercise and training activity in Alice Springs in May 2007.


A 6-week long radio campaign with Einslive (WDR) focused on the promotion of Australia's northern gateway of Darwin, Central Australia and the link with Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland.


Karisma fully embraced an opportunity provided by Tourism Australia to partner Globetrotter, Europe's fastest growing outdoor, adventure and travel apparel company, in a multi-faceted trade and PR consumer campaign in 2010.

Dreamtime Travel, Switzerland

Dreamtime Travel, a member of the Central European Best of Travel Group, conducted a cooperative media/PR campaign in partnership with Tourism NT and the Sonntags Zeitung, one of two major Swiss weekend broadsheet newspapers with an influential travel section.


Karisma has developed a very productive relationship with Panasonic in Germany that commenced in 2008 and has resulted in three subsequent marketing activities.

Step In

In 2008, Step-In, the Bonn-based Work and Travel Company, reputed at that time to carry close to 10,000 young people aged between 18-30 years to Australia each year, responded positively to a Karisma proposal and agreed to partner Tourism NT and JOB Australia in an innovative and highly targeted youth campaign.

SWR3 Elch und Weg nach Australien

Karisma sought and secured the engagement of a major German broadcasting organisation, SWR3, plus the important sponsorship of Qantas in the form of providing 80 complimentary seats from Frankfurt to Darwin and return, for a major consumer-facing campaign.

Wayoutback Desert Safaris

In simple terms, the objective of a consultative strategy was to introduce this previously domestic-market focused product into the international marketplace by developing strong, productive and on-going partnerships with leading retail, wholesale and direct-sell tour operators specializing in travel to Australia from Continental Europe.


Acting on behalf of Tourism NT, Karisma entered into discussion with an independent film producer about the production and broadcast of a series of four, one-hour long programs on DMAX, a German commercial TV network, about a unique and innovative catering company, the leader of which is a very well-known and unorthodox TV chef named Stefan Marquard.

BMW Mini

In 2011, Karisma initiated contact with BMW marketing officials in Munich with a drive-market promotional idea to add value and consumer interest for dealer promotion of the MINI Countryman in Germany by association with the promotion of Australia’s Outback.

Australia the Movie

With the benefit of knowledge of the widespread Australian Governments’ support and global tourism promotional expectations surrounding the release of Australia the Movie starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, Karisma took proactive steps to capitalize upon the opportunity to secure additional and specific focus on the Northern Territory in the German-speaking Central Europe markets.

Australia’s Outback Working Holiday

With the objective of seeking to influence the pattern of travel by German youth travelers to Australia, Karisma engaged with a non-traditional, but influential partner in the form of the Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung (ZAV), an agency of the German Federal Government with responsibility for finding work opportunities for young Germans outside of the EU.

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